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Terms & Conditions

Please read subsequent terms and conditions cautiously before using the website, and associated other domains and/or sub-domains (such as third party), and linked applications. These terms oversee your use of the sites and act as a binding between a reader/consumer and our website.

1. Acceptance of Terms and Subsequent modifications

You continuing using the site portray your acceptance of the terms. While doing so, you also concur to our privacy policy. If you do not accept our terms and conditions, you are not allowed to use the site. You also accept that these terms and conditions are subjected to change periodically before prior notification. You will be visiting a new version of the terms of usage by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of the site. Use of the site post changing/modifying terms and conditions also imply that you agree to the modified terms and conditions. Please visit the terms of use page periodically before using the site.

2. Electronic communication

Electronic communication with us includes visiting our website or sending us emails for regarding queries and/or suggestions come under electronic communication. We also communicate with you in the form of emails or by updating notices on our website. You be in agreement that this electronic communication be it in the form of notices, emails, disclosures etc convince any legal requirement that these communications must be in writing.

3. Your Account

When you use the site, it is your sole responsibility to maintain privacy of your account and login credentials. Also you agree to take accountability for all activities that transpire under your account. We reserve the right to remove, suspend/terminate your account or remove, edit the content, or cancel the orders.

4. Restricted Authorization to Use Protected Information

You recognize and agree that the website, content, information, software used in connection with the website is protected under the law comprising of website marks, trademarks, copyright, patents, proprietary laws and rights. You also agree not to sell, change/modify, and rewrite the information provided on the website. You can download the information, articles displayed on the website for your use or you can even print a copy of it. However, you are not allowed to remove any trademarks, copyright marks from the articles. You agree to use our website via the interface provided by us.

The website consists of logos, copyrights, patents, references, trademarks that are proprietary rights of Zopiclonebuy.com. Removing or changing any of these or altering any copyright is strictly forbidden. Downloading or reproducing any of the information displayed on the website without prior permission can be considered as a breach of terms of usage.

5. Website usage

To use our website, you should:

Above 18 years of age;

Agree to contracts;

Provide genuine and accurate information while creating account with us;

Not act to be someone else or other entity.

6. Website Uptime

Our team of professionals ensures smooth operation of our website. However, due to technical errors, you may face some issues while using the website on several platforms such as laptops, desktops, smart phones etc. Technical issues may cause a downtime which hampers the working of the website. You must know that the website downtime is a rare thing and it happens due to periodic maintenance.

7. Third Party Links

You may come across third party links while using our website. We wish to confirm that we do not promote or support these links and we shall not be held accountable for damage caused by these links if you clicked on them.

Any third party put their link on our website agrees to not get us involved in any kind of marketing without a written consent. Also, third parties do not portray any professional relationship with us. These should not post any type of controversial or offensive content in any form. Third parties shall be held responsible for the damaged caused by them.

8. Privacy protection

You can be assured that none of your personal as well as banking information will be shared with third parties. Our website is protected with SSL security that helps in keeping your information secured and prevents hacking.

9. Refund strategy

We offer free re-shipment or full refund depending on the cause of claiming a refund. Please read our refund policy to know in-depth about the refund process.

10. Orders

All products are subject to availability. We will update you if the product you were enquiring about is available. The right to reject any order at any time is reserved to us. Also, automatically produced acknowledgement shall not verify our acceptance of your order. When we send you the details along with order tracking code post dispatching the order confirms the establishment of pour relationship.

Orders outside UK are subject to delay due to custom regulations of the destination country. We shall not be held accountable for the delay due to custom handling.

11. Prices and Payment Options

The prices displayed on the website are concurred by the seller and the buyer. The prices must be listed in the list of prices available with the seller and can be checked if the agreement is missing or not present.

The seller has the right to revise the prices or remove any discount available on the original price without any prior notice. Prices are exclusive of taxes and they have already been paid by the seller at the time of purchase.

Payment can be done via credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and Bitcoin too.

12. Disclaimer

The information in the form of description, articles, notices, policies have been obtained from authentic sources. We reserve the rights to change or modify the content displayed on the website in due course of time without prior intimation.

13. The Agreement

These terms and conditions or terms of uses represent the agreement involving the buyer and the seller.