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Privacy Policy

Why do we collect your information?

Our polies strictly adhere to customer’s data protection. While placing an order we receive valuable information of the customers like home/work address, personal information, credit card credentials and email address. This information is vital and we use a part of this data such as email address to send you newsletters and/or promotional emails with your prior permission. You can withdraw from these services by simply clicking on the unsubscribe button provided in the email. You can also get in touch with our customer care team to get it done for you.

How do you obtain approval from me?

We acknowledge that you have approved of us to collect your information when you submit your personal and banking information, verify the same, buy products from us, claim for refund if applicable etc. We ask for your information such as email address to send you promotional newsletters, emails regarding launching of a new product or informing you about ongoing discount or schemes.

Can I withdraw my approval? How?

Yes, you can do so by connecting with us at sales@zopiclonebuy.com.

Please note: that we can disclose your information if it is needed by law or in case of breach of our terms of use.

How do you protect my information?

Our primary objective is to safeguard the data in our server. We try to ensure a secured payment gateway under the guidelines of Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). The security system is build such that the data gets automatically removed from the server after the payment.

Please note that we have given the right to reveal your information if it is required by the law or in case of breaching of our terms and conditions. 

Our PCI-DSS co-management with the third-party service providers like PayPal and Discover is also safeguarded despite of varying location authority and local facilities. Here also, we initiate auto – removal of payment credentials after the payment.

Our cookie policies are dynamic and it gets updating frequently so that your buying experience enhance for the better without compromising your valuable data. When you accept the cookies, you allow us to place product related data on your device during the session under GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Our policies regarding marketing emails are confined to new product launches, discount offers, and informative emails like health related blogs and articles. All these features are enabled only after your prior approval while signing up on our website. We do not share your search related to products and orders.

How do you manage third parties?

Our measures toward protection of your privacy are not compromised at any situation. We do have third party links on our website and they have limited access to your data. This is only to an extent where these third parties can make your experience better on our website or in the virtual world. Nonetheless, this implies that third parties can use your data for their benefit. When you click on the third party links, you get re-directed to their web page and you are not longer being managed by our privacy policy terms or services. Your data is absolutely secured with us.

Third party vendors have access to your information till an extent where they can use your data to provide you the best of the shopping experience. Certain third parties such as payment gateway and other payment transaction service providers have their own privacy policies updated on their websites. These policies explain which kind of information we share with the third party vendors. This is to ensure seamless transactions without the worry of online scam. We suggest our customers must look at these privacy protection policies updated on the websites of third parties before placing order with us.

Some third party service providers mentioned above may be located at other countries than you or us and when you agree to use their services, your shared information might become subject to the laws enforced by the respective authority or authorities of the specific country. Once you leave our website or get re-directed to the third party vendor’s website after clicking on the links provided by them, your privacy protection will not be managed by us.

What will happen if I click on the third party links provided on your website?

When you click on the third party links, you are re-directed to their website or applications. When you do that, we will no longer be held accountable for the privacy of the information you share on the third party websites or applications. You must read the privacy policy of third party before proceeding further with the usage of their website.

Do you use cookies? Which type of cookies you use?

Yes, we do use cookies. Below is the list of cookies that we employ. Please go through them so that you can come to a decision whether or not you wish to go ahead.

  • session_id, unique token, sessional – these authorize WordPress to stockpile your data.
  • visit, no data held – Website provider’s internal stats use these to identify the number of visitors. Stay invariable for 30 minutes from the most recent visit.
  • uniq, no data Held-Ends midnight of the next day. Helpful in counting number of visits made by a single visitor.
  • cart, unique token – Constant for 2 weeks. Stock up information such as contents of your cart.
  • secure_session_id, unique token, sessional storefront_digest, unique token, indefinite – This is used to conclude whether a current visitor has admittance to the shop’s password if it has any.


Is this privacy policy changeable?

Our customer support team is working effortlessly towards grievances raised by the customers after placing the order and we are glad to share our 100 % efficiency in solving issues.

Our privacy policy is subject to go under changes periodically. We are entitled change or modify a few parts or the entire policy at any time without a prior notice. Therefore, to be in alignment with the changes and to ensure you are well-informed by the changes, you need to visit the privacy policy every time you visit our website.

If we got merged with other company or taken over by them, your data will be shared with the new owner. However, you can be assured that your data will not be shared with third party come what may.

How do I contact you?

You connect to us at sales@zopiclonebuy.com to correct, change or remove of the information you have shared with us. You can also connect with us to complain and to offer us suggestions to make our service better.

We will refund you the full amount if:

  • You do not receive the product within 30 days of placing an order. Please note – Due to Covid – 19 crisis and stricter government regulations of different countries we have increased the time span to 90 days.
  • If you receive a damaged or torn parcel.
  • You receive products that have crossed their expiry dates.

We do not offer full refund if the parcel did not reach to you due to wrong address put by you. In such cases, we arrange for a re-shipment which is not chargeable. In case of damaged or torn parcel, customers are requested to provide us images of the damaged parcel so that the refund process can be done faster.

How to request for re-shipment?

Following are the steps you need to follow for requesting re-shipment:

  • To ensure zero confusion, we request our customers to track down their order using the order tracking code before requesting re-shipment. It will save time for us and for our customers too.
  • If you fail to track down the order using the tracking code, get in touch with the customer care team. They will connect with the post office and do necessary checks to proceed with re-shipment or full refund whichever suits your situation.
  • For refund, please write to us at
  • sales@zopiclonebuy.com along with the order number. Please note that the refund amount will take approximately 14 working days to be credited in your credit card account.

Our order cancellation policy states that the order can be cancelled within 2 hours of order confirmation. We treat pending payment orders as orders not confirmed, as we do not work on COD method. If the payment is declined we treat it as order not confirmed.

You can write to our customer support team in detail for speedy grievance addressal, also attach supporting documents like picture of damaged products, a copy of invoice, proof of expiry dates to ensure a quick response from us.