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Zopiclone 7.5mg – Your Solution to a Restful Night’s Sleep in the UK


Insomnia impacts 20% of the world’s population, especially women, older people, and those with socioeconomic hardships. In the UK, the problem is even more intense, with several studies indicating the younger population, especially university students, is grappling with sleep problems and mental health outcomes as a result of disturbed sleep patterns.

While benzodiazepines are the primary treatment options for insomnia, they are addictive and result in daytime sleepiness. In comparison, Z-drugs like Zopiclone UK are safer options that cause less residual impacts on daytime sleepiness.

A brief word on Zopiclone 7.5mg 

It is an anxiolytic hypnotic that has a similar pharmacologic profile as benzodiazepines but is molecularly distinct, which impacts its working mechanism. 

CNS 16 e180 g001

Image Credit – Hypnosedation Caused by Zopiclone Does Not Impair Memory‐Learning in Albino Mice – PMC.

Animal studies have shown the medication to work on the GABA-A receptors and specifically bind to the TBPS channel blockers to reduce blood pressure levels. Additionally, it exerts its sedative effects without impacting muscle tone, a quality that comes in handy in ambulatory patients with sleep problems. 

In a study conducted on 5 insomniacs using it for 14 nights, polygraph recordings showed it to decrease Stage 2 duration of sleep and increase the slow wave sleep stages without impacting rapid eye movement. Use of it resulted in rapid onset of sleep and longer duration of rest without residual daytime grogginess because of its sedative effects.

It can be used in OSA patients with sleep disturbances.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea or the condition in which the walls of the thorax narrow or relax during sleep results in regular sleep disturbances and impacts the quality of life of the patient by resulting in daytime tiredness and excessive sleepiness. 

It impacts 1.5 million adults in the UK out of which the majority of cases get undetected. Most importantly, the cause of OSA varies in patients, making it difficult to prescribe apt sedatives that can ease the symptoms instead of worsening the problem. 

A major problem in OSA patients is that the use of sedatives, especially benzodiazepines, impairs upper airway muscle activity and reduces neural drive, especially in older individuals, further exacerbating the problem. 

However, evidence has proved that Zopiclone does not impair genioglossus electromyographic activity and can be used in conjunction with CPAP treatment that making it a welcome option for OSA patients.

In a study conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of Zopiclone in OSA conditions, 14 patients with OSA were studied overnight on two separate occasions along with being administered Zopiclone 7.5mg before sleep. 

The patients who were administered oral Zopiclone recorded improved sleep efficiency and increased respiratory arousal threshold without impairing genioglossus muscle activity or increasing negative pharyngeal pressure during sleep. The study proved that Zopiclone had the potential to come in handy in severe cases of OSA patients dealing with disturbed sleep. 

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Image Credit – Zopiclone Increases the Arousal Threshold without Impairing Genioglossus Activity in Obstructive Sleep Apnea – PMC.

What do other studies say about Zopiclone? 

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of Zopiclone as a potent sedative, 99 patients aged 20 to 69 were enrolled in a study in the Department of Clinical Research, May and Baker, Essex, UK. After a placebo wash-out period of 7 days, they were administered oral capsules of 7.5 mg Zopiclone or 5 mg Nitrazepam or placebo for two weeks. Placebo was started in the fourth week.

The results of the study showed Zopiclone to be better than placebo in improving sleep efficacy from the first night of its usage which remained the same throughout its use. 

The morning drowsiness during treatment was significantly less in Zopiclone than in other trial medications. Further, the physicians’ global assessment of efficacy favored it over placebo medication. 

Rebound insomnia was not observed seven after seven days of withdrawal of Zopiclone. The medication had good tolerance. The study proved that Zopiclone when used for a short-term 

is a safe treatment option for insomniacs, especially ambulatory patients who can move around and need a restful night’s sleep to effectively complete their day-to-day activities.


Despite its effectiveness as a tolerated hypnotic and sedative, It should be used strictly under the guidance of the physician and tapered before discontinuing it. While the majority of research deems it a safe medication, studies have also shown it can impair short-term memory, and care should be taken against its misuse or long-term use. Most importantly, pregnant women should not use the medication as it can harm the fetus and cause irreversible damage to its health.




Zopiclone Increases the Arousal Threshold without Impairing Genioglossus Activity in Obstructive Sleep Apnea – PMC.




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