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How Melatonin 10mg helps with fat loss and muscle gain?


Inadequate sleep/ insomnia is currently a global issue with sleep problems experienced by a large part of the population worldwide. Loss of sleep in the form of disturbed sleep cycles/ inability to sleep at the desired time impacts the physical health of the individual with impacts on their mental well-being. Medications for a peaceful night’s sleep are many. But the need of the hour is an effective and safe option that does not increase tolerance levels or pose the risk of addiction after some time.

Melatonin is one such compound that is available in your body and can be additionally used as a supplement.

Melatonin- Foreword

Melatonin is a natural product/ hormone found in plants and animals that are associated with the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. In plants, it serves the purpose of antioxidants and prevents cell damage. In animals, melatonin is provided by the pineal gland in the brain and released to the food stream to help regulate circadian rhythms and sleep cycles.

Apart from its natural sourcing, Melatonin is also available as a supplement and commonly used by adults and children for sleep improvement and for other purposes. Melatonin produced by the body is produced in the absence of light and is referred to as exogenous melatonin. Synthetic melatonin is produced chemically and belongs to the acetamide group with a miscellaneous anxiolytic class of drugs.

What is melatonin used for?

Out of the numerous uses of Melatonin, the most common uses are

1) It plays an important role in the regulation of sleep-wake cycles. Human melatonin is at its highest levels at birth and gradually decreases as we grow older.

2) It has been proved in clinical trials of being an effective lipophilic antioxidant and possessing double the activity of Vitamin E.

3) It has anti-inflammatory properties that enable it to help the body in counteracting acquired immunodeficiencies.

4) Studies have even suggested it’s role in fighting infectious diseases

5) Medically Melatonin supplement is used in the treatment of sleep disorders like insomnia and circadian disorders like jet lag disorder and shift work disorder.

Recently its role in weight regulation, as a diet supplement, and in increasing muscle mass is gaining a lot of attention.

How does Melatonin help in fat loss?

Spanish scientists have discovered that Melatonin stimulates the appearance of beige fat in the body. Beige fat cells are derived from white fat cells and increased in response to cold temperatures. Beige fat cells behave like white fat cells till activated by a process called browning. After being browned, they start to behave like brown fat and burn other white fat for energy. The process of browning of white fat occurs through the process:

– social interaction

– exercises

– cold exposure

– mild forms of stress

Melatonin UK through stimulation of the appearance of beige fat helps maintain regular weight and helps in fat loss from the body. In the “Journal of Pineal Research”, scientists from the Institute of Granada institute of Neuroscience have postulated that chronic melatonin consumption not only induces the appearance of beige fat in obese diabetic rats but also increases its presence in thin animals used as a control group.

Being made in the absence of darkness, scientists have come to the theory that sleeping in the dark and consuming melatonin-rich food can help control body weight. Additionally, it can prevent cardiovascular diseases associated with obesity and dyslipidemia.

What do studies say?

In a study conducted to understand the role of melatonin in the reduction of body fat, 81 females were enrolled in a study. Out of the 81 subjects, 56 women were between the age group 51-65 years while 25 women were between the age group 27-36 years. The patients were divided into 3 groups as follows.

Group 1 or control group – 25 women with normal body weight

Group 2 – 26 postmenopausal women with normal body weight

Group 3 – 30 post-menopausal women with high body weight

The women from groups 2 and 3 were checked for systemic parameters like TSH, FSH, and other routine laboratory tests before proceeding to the main examination date. On that day they remained on a liquid diet of 1800 kcal. Next, a balanced diet of 1500 kcal and 5 mg Melatonin for sale UK administration was recommended to them. Follow-up examinations were performed in 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 weeks.

In the initial phases of the study, anxiety and mild depression with depressing sleep cycles were observed in groups 2 and 3. After week 24, the body weight decreased and there was no tendency for its gain. The results of the study proved that it could be safely and permanently used in the combined treatment of obesity in menopausal women. The study further proved that post-menopausal women demonstrated reduced nocturnal secretion of melatonin. It could beneficially affect sleep cycles with body weight reduction.

Melatonin and lean body mass

Lean body mass consists of the bones, ligaments, tendons, internal organs, and muscles. Because of the small amount of fat incorporated within these structures, a small amount of essential fat is included as well in the lean body mass of an individual. Having a high percentage of lean mass boosts your metabolism and makes it easy to maintain an overall healthy weight. A high proportion of lean mass also reduces inflammation.

A healthy body fat percentage is between 15-20 % for men and 20-25% for women. Meaning, a healthy lean mass is between 80-85% for men and 75-80% for women.

In an animal study conducted to analyze the effects of melatonin on body composition, physical performance, and blood erythrocytes, it was observed that

–  Treatment led to lean body mass and total body water on day 7 without affecting fat mass.

– On the 14th day, the lean body mass increased in comparison with the corresponding parameter in the control and placebo groups.

Increased lean body mass or muscle gain has aesthetic, fitness, and metabolic benefits. It has the potential to work on three of these parameters and provide a better environment for muscle growth.

In a human study conducted to examine the effects of melatonin on chemical reactions and muscle damage in resistance-trained athletes, 24 subjects were selected for the study. These subjects were subjected to Melatonin 100mg /day and a placebo. High-intensity exercises were performed by the athletes during the trial period of the study. The results of the study proved the followings:

– Melatonin supplementation appeared to prevent the chemical toxins created during oxidative stress/strenuous exercising better than the placebo group.

– Participants taking it experienced less exercise-induced muscle damage from oxidative stress compared to the placebo group.

– Total cholesterol levels were reduced in the melatonin group compared to the placebo.

– Protective enzyme secretion during this time period was higher in the melatonin group as compared to the placebo group.

Through the small trial, researchers concluded that melatonin was beneficial to resistance-trained athletes and helped in healthy body parameters in that group.


Melatonin prescriptions have increased from 2-19.9 per thousand people between 2008-2019. Prescriptions for licensed supplements increased from 6.5% -88.2%, and spending on unlicensed supplements accounted for the total prescription cost in 2019. Practices were a higher proportion of children and older people and those serving deprived patient populations recorded higher rates of melatonin prescriptions. Overall melatonin prescribing in England has increased exponentially over the last decade. But the prescriptions are also associated with a large number of unlicensed products of unknown quality.

Side effects however rare can occur on injudicious/unsolicited use of the medication.

Side-effects associated with the use of Melatonin

Studies have reported very few adverse effects on the use of it. Of these, the most common side effects are headache, nausea, dizziness, and drowsiness.

Apart from these other side-effects like tremors, low blood pressure, irritability, depression, and confusion/ disorientation have been observed by users with long-term use of the medication.

Because the FDA not regulating the manufacture, there is a concern that the quantities of certain products may exceed the maximum allowed prescription strength.

It is important to use the medication as per the treatment plan of the practitioner and use it for the short term to avoid undue complications.


Some of the important precautions that should be taken care of with Melatonin use are

Drug interactions

Using it concomitantly with a few prescribed medications may result in side effects or decreased efficiency of either medication. Anti-coagulants, anticonvulsants, blood pressure drugs, and CNS depressants are a few of these medications.

People prohibited from using the medication

You should not use it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Additionally, the medication should be used very carefully in people with a previous history of drug addiction, those on antidepressants, or avoided altogether.


There is no evidence that can cause depression. But it should be used with care in such cases to avoid any associated complications.

Genuine products

The high demand for it has resulted in a number of illegal practices associated with the medication. Always opt for genuine Melatonin supplements to avoid any spurious product-related complications.

How to obtain it?

Physicians clinics

Physician’s clinics enable you to obtain the prescription for the medication. Along with dispensing the medication and its subsequent refills, they enable you to avail it under NHS concession.


You can obtain the medication from registered pharmacies after sharing with them your prescription

Online delivery

Online portals enable you to order medication from home without having to go out. Online delivery ensures you get to avail it in a quick, easy, and cost-effective manner.



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